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Brian Nordstrom

Dallas Magician Brian NordstromBrian is not just a magic hobbyist or enthusiast, he is a sleight of hand artist. Few can compare to his level of skill or knowledge in close-up magic. After seeing his first magic show at 8 years old, he was hooked. He often quips "I wasted the first seven years of my life". As a devoted student of the art, he has spent over 20 years perfecting and creating memorable effects.

By 10 Brian was making regular visits to the local magic shop wanting to learn all he could about his new obsession.  By 15 he was a paid professional, doing kid show's for birthday parties at all the Burger Kings in Plano and Richardson Texas. At 17 he went to work in a magic shop located in the then happening "West End" of downtown Dallas (also where the Dixie Chics and Butt Sketch made their names). By the time Brian was 18 he was on his first cross-country stage show tour.

Since then Brian has been performing and lecturing around the world. As a perfectionist his performances leave lasting impressions on even hard to please audiences.  In 2004 Brian was performing his Street Hustler routine at the La Riata Poker Tournament, and fooled both poker legends TJ Cloutier & Phil Hellmuth in an exhibition of "3-card monte." Brian has earned and kept the respect of his peers, even being referred to as "revolutionary" by a well-posted magician in a trade publication in 2005. Brian continues to grow in his performances, style, skill and originality.


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