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Professional Entertainer: Dwayne Andrew

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1At your next event you never know who will show up on stage with Dwayne. It could be Elvis, Madonna or a frustrated construction worker. Dwayne will give tips on what to do if your guests forget their own name, or lose the ability to count to ten.

You will witness a very bad day for your friends at the race track, and a great day for someone who finds a lost wallet; also confusion for someone who can't find their seat.

See what happens when their deodorant runs out, or a tube of glue spills onto a guest's chair. Witness the shock and dismay, when they believe the back of my suit falls off. You will also be introduced to the world's greatest liar and an imaginary pet with an attitude. Just imagine; you can be responsible for making your event a spectacular memory for everyone.

"Book Two Shows and Call me in the Morning"


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