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Instant Photos: Fantasy / Themed Photos

Fantasy / Themed Photos With our fantasy photos, your imagination is the limit! You can be on a mountaintop, by the ocean, on another planet or anything else you can think of. We take your guests' photo in front of the green screen, then print the 4x6 or 5x7 photo for your guests to take as a souvenir.

We can digitally place any backdrop in the photo instantly, called green screen technology. Great for theme events. If you theme is Las Vegas , we can place everyone in front of a casino. The supper-imposed backdrops to choice from are endless.

Our Green Screen technology can put the guests right into a scene depicting the theme of the event. For example, "Island Paradise" with your guests pictured on a cruise ship or on a sunset beach.

Heads Up! - Your Head on a Fantasy Body

Introducing our newest offering using digital photography. Your head will be placed on a fantasy body of your choice with over 30 images to choose from. The print will be a high quality 5x7" digital photo.

Once your guests decide on a fantasy body, the head shot is taken by the photographer, one after another to avoid any delay or long lines.

The computer technician periodically takes the images from the camera and produces the prints. The two are not tied together, allowing the photographer to move around your event at a pace to keep up with the demand. All prints will be completed during the event by the computer technician.To accommodate the requests to be photographed with a friend, several of our Heads Up! Images allow for one, two or three heads to be included in the same photo.

We have also found that at the events, guests request a group photographs without the use of Fantasy body technology. As an added bonus, we have included a few other backdrops for a group of guests to be photographed on using our Dress Up Box of fancy hats, feather boas, fun glasses and other props. Each person in the photo receives a state of the art high tech 5x7 digital print.

A small sampling of choices from our display board include:

* Sport Images - skate boarding, soccer, baseball, swimming, mogul jumping, tennis, wind surfing, and rock climbing, wrestling

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